I suspect all of these are true:

  1. NHSx chose the centralised model for valid public health reasons, and that their model, all other things being equal, works better than the Google/Apple alternative
  2. It is reasonable to find the involvement of Palantir and Faculty suspicious and off-putting
  3. It is reasonable to expect that the data collected will be subsequently re-used by other parts of Government, such as the Home Office, in ways that nobody has yet consented to
  4. You probably don't need to worry about non-state actors getting unauthorised access to the data.
  5. You probably should worry about GCHQ, NSA, other three-letter-orgs getting access to the data.
  6. The publicity around privacy concerns will negatively impact the uptake of the NHSx app
  7. The decentralized model only works without self-reporting, so is only of use in countries with widespread access to testing
  8. The UK has chosen the centralised model, where other countries have not, because the Government responded slowly to the crisis, both in introducing social distancing/lockdown and in building up physical contact tracing infrastructure
  9. The app will probably not function well because of design decisions taken by Apple
  10. That there has been no questioning of Apple's ability to determine global health policy by fiat is really weird?
  11. The either/or choice between NHSx and Google/Apple means that the Google/Apple option has de facto become a gold standard when perhaps it does not deserve to be
  12. The Google/Apple privacy design really is excellent
  13. The whole thing is probably irrelevant: uptake and use of the app will probably be insufficient due to a lack of intersection between the installed base and where it is really required.  Lots of middle class people will be sat working from home for six months with the app installed telling them they are with their family. Lots of elderly people do not have mobile phones. Lots of delivery drivers, construction workers, warehouse workers, who are in fact in contact with strangers a lot, rely on their battery life too much to run anything that drains it.